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The sound you will hear can be broadly characterized as Easy Listening for Difficult People.

cover art a song for older skins
A Song For Older Skins
cover art even for second generations suedeheads it's been a long shift
(Even For Second Generations Suedeheads) It's Been a Long Shift
cover art remember anton from the factory he was alright
Remember Anton from the Factory? He Was Alright (March 26th, 2018)
cover art when I open my mouth i wish the sound of someone great came out
When I Open My Mouth I Wish the Sound of Someone Great Came Out (June 22nd, 2018)

The sound you will hear can be broadly characterized as Easy Listening for Difficult People. It all began when I realized that there were plenty of ageing people who, maybe in their younger days, might have been punks, or skins, or mods or grebo's or rude boys or part of some other youth tribe, or not even, and now, their dotage approaching, these are my people, still wanting new music, but probably preferring it vaguely familiar, still wanted to hear music that spoke directly to them, but spoken a little more slowly and quietly, a little more toe-tapping and less ass-shaking. Who was gonna making that sound? The first thing I wrote, on a rainy day, in a caravan in the Malvern's, was A Song For Older Skins.

There was music and then a plan to write and release a new easy listening 'single' each month throughout 2018. Each fairly obviously informed by the musical greats like Harry J & The AllStars, Jackie Mittoo & Timmy Thomas, the Clash, all old men are allowed to like something about the Clash a friend once told me. Jonathan Richman and Lauryn Hill, all the music imbued, absorbed into the blood over decades, but this particular paean affected, and tired out, burnt out. A working class bedroom revolution for early retirement set.

And then after that we'll see.

January saw the release of A Song For Older Skins, February, It's Been A Long Shift and towards the end of March, Remember Anton From the Factory, He Was Alright. Throughout the summer more stuff> The Ancient Champion's collection of short stories, Sextet - Six Stories About Motoring Nowhere, which could also aptly be subtitled six stories about nothing at all. Maybe.

I have an interest in dementia. In hiding out. I occasionally contribute to music, arts and pop culture fanzine, (my contributions can be found here) and they in turn say they will write something in return. I'm waiting.

cover art sextet six stories about motoring nowhere
Sextet - Six Stories About Motoring Nowhere (January 2019, maybe...)