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Sunset Single Couple

image for story Sunset Single Couple

It's June 7th. I've managed to conjure up two barely different versions of one piece of music and as a consequence, alongside my infatuation with almost all things French, asked my friend, Outsideleft's French editor, GuilaineArts, to help interpret the original title, Sunset Conversation, Early in the A.M.

When I explained the music was inspired by my time living above Sunset Blvd, across from the Short Stop in Echo Park, and hearing the animated conversations that would bubble up on hot nights from people gathered outside the bar... Cacophonie Nocturne sur Sunset Blvd just sounded delightful. This alternate version features black country folk singing punk poet, Dik Guru on drums. A snare drum recorded in the living room. Trés Cool!

Then Rhonda, from the restaurant on Sunset, Masa of Echo Park, connected me with brilliant photographer Brandon Proulx who went out and took a series of great, great photos and let me dabble with them as I just do... Brandon's perfectly captured the urban night time and how I feel about the place of this music in the world... That's the Sunset story. Now we can all enjoy it together, driving at night, in an urban environment, gently tapping whichever toes aren't on the foot pedals, whichever fingers aren't on the wheel. Or looking out of a bus window too, of course.

Meanwhile, director Lewis Tulpa is buried somewhere in Bearwood behind his giant video monitor making magic with motion pictures. 

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