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Written mainly on the trusty Baby Taylor guitar, Frisky is the first in a summery series of indie (as in indispensable) easy listening singles. Easy listening for difficult times that is. Does it matter that the sun above Bearwood will be going for good any day now? The impenetrable cloud cover. The months of bad days for line drying forthcoming. 

Frisky recalls the good times, drink in one hand, dancing with the other. 

Thanks especially to Magic for the use of the brilliant photo as he flies from the end of a Dutch water slide. Everytime I look at it, I am put in mind of an inverse-Nevermind cover... This picture, for Frisky, though, this says summer fun like nothing else ever.

And of course thanks too, to WriteMeave for the conversation with a wine-soaked drifter from a romanticized and fetishized era for wine-soaked drifters. When box cars were less secure, and all that stuff. Not from now, when truly I get it, alcoholism is a destructive addiction and drifters are a designed against people, targets for government vindictiveness and sadism. 

Frisky can distract you from much of that though, buddy, if you have 2m45s to spare. 

Hear it now on Bandcamp, and on Spotify et al, from September 23rd.