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What Mods and Skins Mean to the Minecraft Kids

image for story What Mods and Skins Mean to the Minecraft Kids

On November 8th, I am putting out what I am describing as one of my more architectural pieces, What Mods and Skins Mean to the Minecraft Kids, which is too, a comment on just how quickly things have changed. Only 50 years ago Mods and Skins meant something else entirely different than it does to many of todays youngsters.

Oh and when you get to enjoy that long, long, long, long, long and slow opening note, played on the Roland midi piano thing I got for £20, including the stand! £20lbs of money and 10lbs of dust. Just know, whenever I play that note, I am always thinking of just what a slow start Josef K's exquisitely lovely, It's Kinda Funny, (Postcard Records version) got off too.

Oh. And this release features exemplary, amazing artwork by Lorna Rose. The piece is sometimes called 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' from her series of Bus Sketches. Check them out, collect them all and then Lorna will have to do some more. Which is a good thing I think. Lorna's website is here.

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