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The Kingfisher...

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This is pretty exciting I think. I don't normally do this. A collab thing. I am as you all well know by now, one sad limping lone (lonely) wolf.

Anyway, Jason Lewis is going for a catharthic working out some shit thing with his poetry type of deal. I don't know if he ever will or can, ultimately. I'll ask him at death's door. Meanwhile, he recorded his poem, The Kingfisher, into his phone and sent it over. That's right, he phoned it in. It was so cool. So exceptional. I melded it onto several pieces of audio tape and he came by and we spliced them together on the kitchen table. "Oh wow!" We said, not in that particularly thrilled way, more, like, in that way, as you know I do, the way I say "Oh wow!" when I don't quite know what to say and think the situation needs some words. A bit like that, "Oh wow." Sort of denuded of effervesence, nothing an "oh wow" should impart. Semantics. Whatever.

It was going well, we admitted. Then, Sonny Pine came by with a whole bag of old effects pedals, a beautiful American vintage guitar and once we'd figured out that the horrible buzzing on the tracks was the fridge and switched it off and replaced that buzz with the sort of rarely heard guitar atmospherics that changed, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. A job of work was done.

Here's a video by our friend Lewis Tulpa, but sometimes poetry tells its own story which can be diminished for some people by visuals, in which case, you can just hear not see, The Kingfisher at Outsideleft Original Sound Recordings promo page, for a while.

The Kingfisher will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday, March 6th