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Getting Ready For Nothing

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Getting Ready For Nothing will be streaming from September 24th on Spotify and all that. You can follow me on Spotify and you'll have it added to your release radar when that happens I think.

Right now though, you can hear it on Bandcamp or Soundcloud so recommend that you do.

For a little while there, I had this Epiphone Wilshire guitar and it seemed like there was only on way to play it. Loud. Getting Ready For Nothing is my proto-punk uneasy listening piece. I am actually ancient and in many ways I wanted to capture the spirit of the greatest rocknroll records my lifetime to feature clashing iconic brass and metallic guitars. The Saints - Know Your Product, of course! But also maybe the freedom afforded the trumpet player on the Teardrop Explodes' Reward. And then, the fury and rage that is the sound of Bob Mould's American Crisis. Meanwhile for sure, yes, a comment on the ennui that supplants our taken for granted pre pandemic freedom. Put that all together and of course there's to me at any rate a slapdash of Madness somehow in there isn't there? And you end up with almost perfect uneasy listening pop classic.