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Anarchy in the UK is happening now

image for story Anarchy in the UK is happening now

Sometimes I'll think about how different my life might have been if I had never seen or heard Johnny Rotten or the Sex Pistols or seen Jamie Reid's artwork for their records when I was a little kid. But I did and of course  for me in my small town, that changed everything.

Maybe somehow that has played a part in so many moments where I just couldn't quite conform and when it looked so obvious to others I was just dropping the ball or something. I am not sure I want to go into it here. Whether I want to make any sense here.

Anyway, it felt like I hadn't done much of anything in a while. That's not the case. I've been prepping my EP, Music Inspired by The Musemgoer of Baton Rouge, Lousiana It has just gotten bigger and bigger and now runs to at least ten fragments, fragmented pieces of music. No less difficult to enjoy for their general brevity. 

Meanwhile, I'd sent Anarchy in the UK over to the distributor a while ago and hadn't thought they'd process it so quickly, it being a cover version an' all so was quite surprised to see it on Spotify this morning. 

I am recording an EP of cover versions, Punk Rock and New Wave - guess what that's all about, and Anarchy In The UK is the opening piece. Kind of space age, but not in a Martin Denny way, that would be too splendid a thing.

Hear it here: Ancient Champion - Anarchy in the UK

It's only really on Spotify since I can't figure out the legals for anywhere else. I am tired, this is my worst one of these essays ever. Anyone wanna take a shot at writing one for me?